North Long Lake Association - Brainerd, Minnesota
North Long Lake Association - Brainerd, Minnesota
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The North Long Lake Association's purpose is to support the residents and guests of North Long Lake and the Brainerd, Minnesota lakes area.

North Long Lake is a 5998 acre lake,  with a  sandy shoreline encompassing 19.8 miles (7 miles long).  Its deepest point is 97 feet.  There are currently 571 homes and  cabins on the lake including 7 campgrounds or resorts.

North Long is known as one of the best fishing and recreational lakes in the Brainerd lakes area.  It has a tremendous walleye and bass population with above average numbers of pan fish throughout the Lakes 3 basins.

The water clarity (transparency) has steadily improved over the past 25 years from a reading of 8.5 feet in 1976 to a remarkable 15.2  feet average clarity  in 2002.  This has been accomplished through the efforts of your Association and lake neighbors.  They help identify sources of pollution such as run-off, non-compliant septic tanks and  the education of lake residents on proper lake stewardship including the use of non-

phosphorus containing fertilizers.

The association has had an active water testing program in place since 1994.  These tests sample the lake monthly to identify any problems before they become difficult to manage.

The site is supported by the North Long Lake Association whose members are dedicated to preserving the environs and promoting the Lake's usage and enjoyment.

Thanks to all the volunteers who help in the efforts!
North Long Lake Association - Brainerd, Minnesota
North Long Lake Association
P.O. Box 54 Merrifield, Minnesota 56465
North Long Lake Association - Brainerd, Minnesota